Chapter 1
Drew Kestell, 2020

The adventure begins in the humble town of Phaendar in the nation of Nirmathas. Phaendar lives on the edge of the Merideth river, and maintains the only bridge crossing for 50 miles in either direction, making Phaendar a popular destination for folks of all walks of live, including transients, traders, and wounded solders fleeing conflict areas to the south. While the population of Phaendar is normally around 400, this week the population has soared to nearly twice that because of the two-day Market Festival that Phaendar holds every three months. The Market Festival is a place for citizens of Phaendar and visitors alike to trade their goods, swap rumors, and enjoy a wide range of festivities and entertainment.

On the evening after the first day of the festival, the party found themselves at the local watering hole known as the Taproot Inn. Bertrum had collected a bottle of brandy that the proprieter, Jet, owned him from a previous favor, and shared a glass with each member of the party. While enjoying the fine liquor, and war stories from the boisterous local hero Aubrin who was always the center of attention at these functions, the festive celebration suddenly turned grim when a ballista bolt blasted through the door and struck Aubrin, leaving her severely wounded. Six hobgoblins stormed the Taproot, and while 4 engaged the party, two rushed to the backroom to ransack the Inn for supplies. The party swiftly dispatched the first four hobgoblins, but not before noticing that they belonged to the Ironfang Legion, an infamous monster regimen from the civil war between Nirmathas and it's neighbor the South, Molthune.

After dealing with the other two hobgoblins in the supply room, the party rescued Jet and a few civilians that had barricaded themselves in the Inn's cellar. The party also rescued two traders from the second floor. Fadwa healed Aubrin, saving her life, and she strongly suggested that the party make their way into the Fangwood Forest to the Northeast, but not before checking 3 additional meeting areas in town (the Shrine, the Blacksmith, and Oreld's Fine Shop), and blowing up the bridge on the way out of town to slow down the pursuit of the Ironfang Legion. Phaendar is often attacked by monsters or Molthune invaders, so it's not uncommon to flee into the Fangwood Forest and wait out the attackers, but Aubrin and the party both agreed that they should gather as many supplies as possible to help them survive in the Fangwood.

Once outside the Taproot Inn, the party found Phaendar in chaos. Hobgoblins were moving through the town, looting and pillaging every building in sight, and dragging civilians off to the center of town as prisoners. The party also saw a huge black tower in the center of town, nearly 100 feet high, that was definitely not there earlier in the day. With stealth, and care, the party figured they could move through town to check the three additional meeting spots that Aubrin suggested before crossing the bridge and entering the Fangwood Forest.

Jet and the civilians stayed put in the Taproot Inn, and the party, with Aubrin tagging along, decided to first make their way to the Riverwood Shrine to search for survivors and supplies. The party was met on the front steps of the Shrine by three aggressive wolves that the Ironfang Legion had left outside to keep watch while they looted the Shrine. The party used a scroll of Calm Animal, and the three wolves wanderered off to the West, leaving the Shrine safely accessible. Once inside, the party was met by 5 hobgoblin solders - one of which was a higher ranking soldier by the name of Semfit. The party quickly dispatched the Ironfang Legion's raiding party, but not before they had massacred all the civilians seeking refuse in the Shrine, including Phaendar's Cleric, Noelan. However, the party did find survivors who had barricaded themselves in Noelan's shack next to the Shrine, and they rescued a number of civilians, plus Noelan's assistant named Rhyna. The party decided to have Aubrin escort the civilians back to the rest of the survivors at the Taproot Inn.

XP Earned

2,800 (470 per player)


Villagers Rescued

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