Bloog Bot

Chapter 22
Drew Kestell, 2022

Update 11/27/2020

Hi everyone!

I've received a lot of feedback asking for:

  1. More content
  2. Source code

I'm a bit hesitant to release source code for the reasons mentioned at the beginning of the series. That being said, the article on building the Navigation library using Recast / Detour is where most folks seem to get stuck, so I uploaded the code for my Navigation library to Google Drive and added a link to the Recast / Detour chapter.

In terms of new content - I do want to revisit this series at some point. The project does have a LOT more functionality that I haven't yet written about, and I'd like to document it here. I also spent some time updating the bot to work with The Burning Crusade patch, which involved a lot of work in Cheat Engine and Ollydbg, so I'd like to write some tutorials about how to find important memory addresses and structures.

There's a lot going on in my life right now, so I don't know when I'll get to this. But please check back :)

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