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Chapter 22
Drew Kestell, 2020

Hi everyone! I've received a lot of feedback asking for: 1) More content 2) Source code I'm a bit hesitant to release source code for the reasons mentioned at the beginning of the series. But I do recognize that it's a lot easier to follow along with something like this when you have access to code samples that compile. So I'm planning on circling back to all the existing content and uploading a .zip of the current state of the project after each chapter. I'm also planning on continuing the series with new chapters. Life has been pretty crazy lately, so I can't promise when this stuff will be done. Stay tuned :) Back to Top
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I love reading this series, any plans on continuing it?

Posted by PhnxFlms on 1/15/2019 9:37:00 AM

Thanks! I definitely want to keep working on this at some point. Stay tuned.

Posted by Drew

Hey man I just wanted to say thank you. Thistutorial series is really informative and completely awesome. Please keep up the great work. Best regards,Voxxa

Posted by Voxxa on 2/8/2019 6:03:08 PM

I really appreciate it!

Posted by Drew

Excellent work man, really! Keep on doing it! I'd be glad to support you on Patreon or such :)

Posted by Daniel on 8/26/2019 9:22:59 AM

Amazing dude. You are a messiah.

Posted by Certain Carl on 11/8/2019 7:55:25 PM

so great, it 's best tec article i ever seen. Keep continue, man

Posted by uvbs on 12/14/2019 3:44:27 AM

This is fantastic. Very enabling, thank you for the effort

Posted by Deven Vyas on 12/28/2019 2:54:21 PM

You're the best.

Posted by Karliky on 1/3/2020 11:06:30 AM

best tutorial ever.could you give us a roadmap for next steps

Posted by Airj on 1/12/2020 1:04:27 AM

great job!.

Posted by xbec on 2/6/2020 1:07:58 PM

Absolute knowledge mine! Thanks for all the effort put to get this going blog, it's really impressive. I think it can be further improved by attaching source code or at least completing all snippets which inlcude only partial code.Guys, is anyone having proper implementation for ObjectManager and Functions classes and is willing to share? Cheers!

Posted by Dawid on 2/14/2020 10:54:46 AM

Looking forward to your update!

Posted by xbec on 2/21/2020 2:02:46 PM